Privacy, Permissions & Cookies...


I will never sell or share your personal information with anyone that I do not absolutely have to. So, for example, I use a 3rd party back-office system to manage bookings and enquiries. I use a separate company to host your online gallery. Plus a few other services critical to running my business (cloud back-up etc.). They too take the privacy of your data very seriously.

I won't collect or store any information about you that I don't need to, but what I do collect I will store for a long time. Generally speaking, I'm unlikely to delete anything – I may have an email purge after 2 or 3 years. I will keep your images backed up, archived and secure for as long as reasonably possible. For example, if I die chances are your images will only be backed-up for as long as my subscriptions remain active.

If you would like to to be completely removed from mine and my 3rd party systems please email me at and I will happily do so.


I hate spam – I'm only ever going to contact you about something related to your wedding or the service I'm offering you. I will never add you to a mailing list or knowingly share your contact details with anyone else who will add you to a mailing list.

I believe the photographs I take at your wedding are your photos. That's why you won't see any watermarks or logos on any of my images. However, I obviously need to show images from real weddings to couples who are considering booking me. There's a section of my booking form for you to indicate where you are happy for me to use your images. If there are any images you don't want me to use online, please let me know by emailing


I use cookies on my website, just like every other website on the internet. I use 3rd party software on my website, that also uses cookies and tracking technologies – just like the vast majority websites on the internet. I promise you, I'm only using these technologies for good and not to identify you personally or track your location specifically. I use them to ensure that my website is user-friendly across all platforms and devices and allow me to deliver relevant adverts. If you object to these technologies, please "block cookies" and turn on "do not track" mode via your web browser's preferences.

Final thoughts...

If there's anything that you'd like clarification on, please feel free to email me at